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Trends & opinions for Digital Signage

sentifeed delivers the most interesting survey results on all topics - directly to your information and advertising screens.

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sentifeed brings your digital signage displays to the centre of interest

Effective play with the opinions of others

What do others think? How do others act? People tap their own attitudes to these questions. That's why survey results attract so much attention.

Attractive, interactive and varied

Our formats invite the viewer to immerse himself in the results of opinion research: A quickly understandable question, an appealing animation - that arouses curiosity.

Always up-to-date and fast the latest results

Our algorithm always searches and finds the latest opinion research. Thus, all news from sentifeed always reflect the status of what people in Germany are currently thinking and doing.

Known from


Knowledge & Quiz and more

The knowledge format conveys up-to-date news as survey results that are both interesting and informative. The quiz section asks the viewer for his personal opinion or an answer to be guessed and thus actively involves him.

In what format would you like the latest representative results from opinion research? We would be happy to work out your tailor-made solution with you!


All relevant topics structured in a meaningful way

Business, politics, lifestyle or even health and educational issues: today’s opinion research questions all areas of our lives. We at sentifeed bundle them into meaningful categories.

We would be happy to support you in putting together the right theme packages for you.











Versatile content for all touchpoints

Our prepared survey results are made for all possible uses of public screens: This applies to the information screen in the waiting room as well as to the display in busy retail outlets. We provide the right content in the right/desired format and support all standards.

The perfect complement for a successful interplay of advertising, information and entertainment – a new variety that attracts attention!


Are you ready for content that really attracts interest?


Why are we doing this?

A survey within our team has revealed: We love survey results when they are representative. And we think that many of these results deserve to be better known. Because they satisfy our natural curiosity for the opinion of others. Because they show where society stands. Because they help us understand many things around us better. And because they don’t make us smile too seldom.

We summarize surveys that meet these criteria and send them from East Westphalia-Lippe out into the world to those for whom they were made: for everyone out there for whom digital signage is made. Any more questions? We are happy to answer them!

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